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a studio town with a cave, studio buildings, restaurants, and crew dorms


A natural cave located in Kentucky, under careful care and restorations, SAS Kentucky Studios now uses these beautiful locations for films, TV, commercials, and Music Videos! The cave is the largest privately operated cave in Kentucky. The entrance takes you through to a subterranean river flowing 100 feet below ground. 

studio buildings

Located in the surrounding areas of the Cave Location, the buildings in the town each have multi-level stages accustomed to sound stages, open spaces, and more. Each building has its own basecamp parking for large super cube trucks, silent generators, and boom lifts. Easy access entry and SAS crew dormitorys are available in town.

A studio that has it all!

SAS Crew dorms

Divided into two buildings: men and women, the dorms consist of a living room, TV, lounge, kitchen, fully-furnished bedrooms, bathroom, and access card entry. SAS provides a place to rest your crew and cast for hectic production schedules.

SAS Restaurant / 

Midway Cafe

SAS Midway Cafe is a local restaurant owned by SAS Movie Studios. The privately-owned cafe provides the cast and crew catering services near the studios in town. 

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