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Welcome to SAS LA Locations,

where you can find the largest studio locations for your next big event!

Over 30 studio locations of every size from cyc walls to parks, SAS LA Location can provide variety of spaces for all size productions

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Pre-Made Sets

Restaurants/Bars/Cafe Locations

Warehouses / Sound Stages

SAS Los Angeles Locations is devoted to supplying the most suitable, affordable, and spacious studios for our clients and their projects.  Satisfying our clients' need for the most optimal location became SAS' priority in the rental division. Alongside the overflowing demands for equipment rentals, SAS can provide studio locations and equipment in one package.

A division devoted to equipping filmmakers and producers with the necessary equipment for all-size productions. Equip with the largest inventory where you can find whatever you're looking for with just a call, we can deliver and pick up the items you need for your next big project! We operate all across the states from our primary studios and offices located in California, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

Get set with locations and equipment with SAS

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